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Unbabel is an artificial intelligence-powered human translation platform. The manufacturer has headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, and San Francisco, California.


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Goat herder Jordan Vallely Idaho (Former Employee) says

"This is not a phony review like the one they wrote about themselves. It has been years that I have tried to talk to them, never get anywhere, they only contact you as slave labour, and farm out thei It to some place in Germany, and Unprofessional is putting it mildly. Since they started I have been wasting my time even looking, nothiing sent, just tell you to keep waiting, Trying to take advantage of new technology, but best term for them perhaps is Neo Econo Psychopathological oprotunists.Never trust any one againEverything so far"

Translator (Current Employee) says

"Good to get some experience in translating. Pretty stressful, rates change daily according to your proficiency in real-time. Too few tasks available. You can't live on what you earn at Unbabel.extremely flexible, quick cashing outlow rates, too few tasks, daily evaluation of productivity"

Alexs Alexs says

"Unbabel.com accept You next day in them system to work there. I translate English to Finnish. I immediately start work. I update page almost every 5 minutes and sometimes they give a job for 3-4 hours during the day. Some of paid tasks were short some of them were long. Almost I do all work fast. They start give me more and more paid tasks. They also put my price up. I start from 12$/per hour and then system put my price to 18$/per hour, because I do my job very good. Then they give me work for 6 hours and during this working time, they take it away. And make it look like it was a system mistake. After all they put my price down to 14$. I text to support about this and ask whats going on?. They don't answer to me one week, but put my price back to 18$/per hour. After one week support contact to me. And say to me how they happy to work with me and ready to see me in the company and saying how I am a hard-worker. During this time i take away almost all my money from my balance. Something like 140$. And I keep in my balance 4,90$. Also I text to support about senior editor. How to get to this. And they tell me that they are going to give me this during this week if everything is okay. Then I see that in my status after this talking in this evening. It's coming evaluation thing. And i think that everything is okay and they start to looking to me and check me and everything is going well. I continue to work. And make more 25$. Next morning when I wake up, I see that my status go down and I can't do any translation paid tasks anymore. Then I contact to support again but they don't answer for me this time. And I also have in my balance 29,90$ and i try to take it away to my paypal 25$. now already more than one week past. and i still don't see my money. usually they pay during 2 days. and support still don't contact with me. Also they have a system that you only can withdraw 5,15,25$ etc. to your account. if you have for example 4,95$ I cant take it away. So it looks like its stealing company. They just kick me away and hire other person for this job and going to use him same like me. And in the end they kick him out and also don't pay him money what they should pay.
They also don't give you any notifications and them application on the phone don't work for example I use Iphone xs max, and it didn't never work on me.

I have C1/Advanced English. And I get this paper from school in London. And I have native Finnish, I am originally from Finland."

Mollys Bro says

"i placed order for 8800 words or zendesk translate. the order shows 260 USD. I topup to 300 usd. and it started to translate. after 2 days it only translate 60% of work and some of them shows "insufficient funds", it is kidding me and forcing me to add more funds but my 300usd already covered the order 260usd. and now my balance is only 2usd. no idea how the stole my money.
totally a scam
i submit ticket for support and it is 2 days got no response."

Uwe Seeler says

"As an editor you are treated with a lack of respect. Evaluations are regualarly done with the rule of thumb and are sometimes even contradicting each other. But no one cares. The managers don't understand that on the other end there are human beings depending on income. Suggestions to improve things are ignored. No drive to improve processes and make it nicer for all stakeholders. That creates an ice cold atmosphere and zero community spirit, not to mention appreciation. Wouldn't recommend."

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